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West Pokot County - Kenya.

Economic Empowerment

Social and economic empowerment

We believe that young people including girls and women in pastoral communities need to gain enough control and confidence to change how society is socially constructed and how young people and women are perceived including addressing Gender stereotypes within the society.

Therefore, Declares Kenya strives to therefore to empower youths and women from marginalized pastoral communities of Kenya to liberate themselves from cycles of poverty and assigned social roles and give them the social-economic skills to raise their social and economic opportunities. This process will level the playing field and give disadvantaged people and communities the opportunity to take control of their lives and their future.

Our Objectives:

To Increase access to SRHR information and services among young people including women and girls in the pastoral communities
To ensure young people including women and girls have increased space for and role in contributing meaningfully to decision-making in development processes
To shift values, beliefs, attitudes, behaviors, and practices to recognize gender equality among the pastoral communities in Kenya